Main Court

Wall to wall interconnected trampolines for endless action.

Wipe Out

The spinning arm will try and knock you over as you jump, dodge, and dip your way to victory. Who will be the last one standing?

Ninja Warrior
Put your strength, speed, skill and stamina to the test!

Bring everything you’ve got! Fly high on our side by side dodgeball courts.

Grab the bar and catch some air before landing in our big foam pit.
Trampoline Basketball

The average person can’t dunk a basketball, but at Air Raid YOU can be above the rim. Jump higher and dunk harder.

Reaction Wall
Reaction Wall is the ultimate test of speed and agility. Pads will light up and you have to press as many as you can, as quickly as possible. All while jumping on a trampoline!
Rubik’s Cube

Challenge yourself to climb higher on one of most unique climbing experiences.

Rock Wall
Our free climbing rock wall will give you a challenge. Don’t worry if you fall it is situated above our large foam pit.
Kids Court

Just because you are young doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. Our kids court is designed for children 6 and under so they can play at their own pace.

Battle Beam

Come check out our Battle Beam and try to knock off friend or foe into a giant foam pit! The first one to knock their opponent off wins.

Foam Pit

Jump into our giant foam pit without fear.


Challenge your friends face to face as you race to the top!

High 9
Jump on the trampoline and test your reaction time by hitting the red light as it moves around the pods.
Gymnastics Tracks
Practice your tumbling in a safe and easy to land environment. Come show off your skills!

Take a break from jumping and enjoy our arcade.

Kids Foam Pit

Our kids foam pit is designed for children 6 and under so they can play at their own pace.

High Jump

Climb and jump off a five foot platform into foam.


Serves drinks, pizza, pretzels, nachos, candy bars, chips, and dipping dots.

Monkey Bars
Swing bar to bar over our large foam pit. See if you have what it takes to make it to the other side.
Massage Chairs
Enjoy our massage chairs while you let the kids play.