Party FAQ

Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes, if you would like to bring your own decorations for a themed party, you may. No decorations can be put on the walls. Decorations must be put on the floor or tables. However, we do provide table coverings, plates, napkins, utensils, and cups if you choose to not bring any decorations.

Does the party size include the birthday child?

You will need to include the birthday child and all jumpers in the total.

Can we order more pizza than the ones included in our package? How many slices does it have?

Yes, you are able to order more. There are 8 large slices or 16 small slices in each 16” pizza.

Do I have to include guest not jumping in party total?

No, you do not have to include guest not jumping in the party total. Only guest jumping will need to be counted as party size. We do not charge for parents, grandparents, or friends to watch.

Do I have to put down a deposit when booking my party? Is it refundable?

We ask for 50% of the total to reserve your spot. Deposits are non-refundable.

When is Pizza Served?

Guests will be able to jump for the first hour and then be served their pizza in the party room after the jump time has finished

When do I sign my waiver?

After booking a party you will receive an email with your receipt and an email invitation. The invitation contains a link for our online waiver to send to your party guests.  To speed up the check-in process please have your guests fill our their waivers before arriving.  

Can I bring candles for the cake?

Yes, you can bring birthday candles. We don’t keep a supply of candles or lighters at the park.

Can I pay by check?

No, we do not accept checks at Air Raid.

When Should i arrive?

Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled party time.

Where do i check-in?

Everyone will check-in on the back side of our front desk.

can I add jumpers the day of my party?

You can add 5 extra jumpers the day of your party.  You have the ability to add more jumpers up until 1 week prior to your party.

Can i bring outside food/Drinks?

Yes, if you wish to bring outside food you will be charged a $50 fee.  No plates, cups, napkins, or kitchen utensils will be provided for outside food.  

when do i pack up to leave my party?

Your host will assist you with packing up to leave 10 minutes before your 2 hour mark.  You must exit the room at the 2 hour mark of your party.